Top 5 Event Technology Trends in 2021

virtual reality

1. Virtual Reality

Obviously, this technology has been around and in use for some time. Now that the tech is more affordable and participants have been exposed to it in a variety of settings (from museums to amusement parks), it’s being used more frequently.
One way to use virtual reality is by connecting remote audiences and allowing them to attend an event online. With a virtual ticket and a “host,” guests could experience exclusive tracks for specific interests in a much different way than they have at previous events.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Like VR, artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming the norm behind the attendee experience. You can use AI at your next meeting or corporate event to employ voice tech to perform specific actions. Use voice assistants to execute commands and answer questions, from “sign me up” to “where is my next session?” You can also link the ability to read badges by using a voice assistant. This technology makes attendees feel like VIPs

3. Clever Flooring

By employing smart mats on the floor of your venue, you can track attendees’ footsteps, obtain accurate traffic numbers, and show sponsors real-time data. This information can help create a better attendee experience at your next event, and it can also help sell sponsorships in the future.

4. Augmented Reality

Although augmented reality has been around for a few years, we are seeing it used more and more at meetings and corporate events. One of the ways you can use augmented reality at your next event is by animating static objects to gain more attention. You can use customized filters and frames to tell a sponsor’s story or educate attendees about new products. Attendees can engage with the brand and the venue in a fresh, fun, and exciting way, enhancing their overall experience

5. Virtual Networking Technologies

One of the biggest challenges to virtual events, and now hybrid events, is how to provide the same networking experience that in-person conferences have offered in the past. Many attendees participate in events specifically for the networking component, which is invaluable to building their brand (both personal and business), exploring new ideas and trends, and even recruiting for business. For that reason, look for technology and applications (such as Shapr,, and Mixalot) to be added to events that help connect participants with people they’d find valuable, regardless of whether they’re attending virtually or in person.


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