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Nedaj is a cutting-edge electronic payment system to make fuel purchases and payments quick, easy, and joyful. It is a futuristic mobile application developed to give a seamless experience for both the drivers and the pump stations .

እንድ ጌዜ በሲቢኢ ሞባይል ባንኪንግ  አካውንቶን Link አርገው የሚጠቀሙበት እና በነዳጅ STANDBY( ፈጣን) ፈጣን አግልግሎት የሚያገኝበት፡፡

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  1. Tadyos Tesfaye

    ጥሩ የሐሳብ ልውውጥ ነው ።እኛመስግናለን

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