Harmony Hotel, is a 4 star hotel, conveniently located 1.5 kilometer from Bole International Airport has been operating for over nine years now providing impeccable service and excellent accommodation for all travelers for business or pleasure. Our hotel has various services available to make you and your guests stay as comfortable as possible, encouraging them to return time and time again.
Abrehot, meaning ‘Enlightenment’, the project was initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. It is located in front of the Parliament Hall at Arat Kilo and could accommodate more than 2,000 users at a time.
Addis Ababa Exhibition Center is located next to the Addis Ababa Museum, near Meskel Square. The Center organizes and hosts International and Domestic events.
Fendika Cultural Center was established in 2016, but the original Fendika Azmari Bet opened its door in the early 1990s, when the neighborhood of Kazanchis sported 17 similar places. While the other azmari bets disappeared due to the pressure of Addis Ababa’s rapid development.
Serves meat, vegan options available. Jamaican restaurant offering some vegan dishes including mango chickpea curry, jerk mushroom, bean burger, mushroom burger with carrot-bacon, and okra stew curry.
Entoto Natural Park is the unique place to discover the vastest primaeval mountain area with streams flowing out from clear springs and waterfall where it amazes with absolutely stunningly dramatic places for relaxation or completely hilarious water activities in diverse meandering streams which continues to naturally create hidden rock vaults.
Get the best of Ethiopia's buzzing capital and the finest in hospitality at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel Addis Ababa. It's never been easier to mix travel, business, and leisure. So, take care of business, sleep in style each night and have total connectivity to Addis Ababa's vibrant heart.
Opened in 1951, the Ghion hotel has for years distinguished itself as the hotel where heads of state or governments and other VIPs stayed. Located in the heart of down town Addis Ababa in spacious verdant compound adjacent to what was once the jubilee palace of emperor Haile Selassie I.
Unity Park is located in the premises of the Grand Palace and it is composed of various historical, natural and cultural sites.The Grand Palace, where Unity Park is located, was established in 1887 and without counting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.), the palace served as the living and working space of seven Ethiopian leaders. The palace covers an area of 40 hectares and contains myriads of historical buildings and plants that date back to the time of Emperor Menelik II.
YOD Abyssinia Traditional Restaurant, established in 2003, is one of the pioneering and most reputable traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa, introducing proudly the Ethiopian hospitality through diverse cuisines, cultural dance and music. ‘YOD’ means ‘witness or speak out’ in the Gurage ethnic group where the owner, Ato Tizazu Kore, is originally from. And ‘Abyssinia’ is the ancient name of Ethiopia and the region known today as Horn of Africa.
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