Trip To Doho Lodge and Awash


Awash Sebat is a historic commercial center located 217km from Addis Ababa
It is known for its magnificent landscapes, impressive wildlife and birdlife.

Our trip to Awash National Park
It will be a place where we can see wildlife and birds and trick.

The Doha Land Lodge will include a spectacular view of nature and fresh air, swimming and natural hot springs.
The Event will be held November 26 -27

The list includes the fee.

1, tent
2, light breakfast (2x)
3, lunch (2x)
4, Dinner (1 x)
5, water
6, Admission ticket
7, tour guide fee
8, Scout Protection Fee
9, swimming and Natural Hot Water Service at Doha Lodge
10, photograph
11, may include full transportation costs.

Register quickly as we have limited space !!!

The total cost will be 3600ETB for a domestic visitor and 4200 ETB for a foreign
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