The Way We Work


THE WAY WE WORK is a work-in-progress exhibition featuring the works of five prolific artists who, together, are bringing new forms to Addis Abeba’s contemporary artistic productions.

the artists are Tiemar Tegene, Aron Simeneh, Enquselassie Demeke, Engedaye Lemma, and Dagmawi Bedilu are the members of the band Tiemar Tegene.

The Way We Work represents a change in practice. The multidisciplinary exhibition attempts to articulate and collect inquiries, advice, counsels, prompts, and provocations to guide the mode of operation of collective work. The Way We Work began as an invitation to join a seismic movement fundamentally rooted in a reconsideration of our relationship to time.

Within the frameworks of GOJO artists residency and companionship, artists engage in conversations, read and listen to one another, re-member and project their practices into the future. The artists’ companionship focused on the art of dialogue, viewing conversation as a nucleus for constructing scaffoldings to sustain and protect collective works from tremors and tensions.

The companionship has been a learning experience.

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